Nix's Record

ATU Union Member at RTA Since 1989

First Local 268 President to utilize Social Media and a Web Page to keep members informed.

Negotiated the return of 54 Members terminated by the RTA from 2012 to 2014.

In 2009, fought off RTA’s attempt to grab concessions, impose deductibles, eliminate all but weekly overtime, eliminated longevity, and eliminate short-term disability.  Obtained a 11.5% wage increase over the contract despite the recession.

In 2014, again fought off RTA’s attempt to attempt to grab concessions, impose deductibles, eliminate all but weekly overtime, eliminated longevity, and eliminate short-term disability.

Streamlined the grievance process so members had their arbitrations hearings heard quicker and achieved a record number of arbitration wins.

Worked with Senators Patton and Turner to introduce a Transit Worker Assault Bill.

Worked with Cleveland City Council to adopt a Resolution against Operator Assaults.

Fought off subcontracting to NAPA in 2010.

In 2010, worked with Civil Rights Organizations, the Ohio AFL/CIO, and Local 268 members to overwhelmingly defeat Senate Bill 5 (a blatant attack by the Ohio Governor on the Labor Movement).

Answers member calls 24/7 (216-299-1186)

In 2013, negotiated for one full-timer and one part-timer to be mobile cleaners.

In 2014, persuaded the RTA to stop treating mirror accidents as preventable accidents.

Actively campaigned for transit funding, and worked with the International to help provide access to the polls during all political elections.

Worked with the RTA to decrease the wait for part-timers to become full-time.

Became an Executive Officer with the AFL-CIO and the NAACP.

Increased cooperative efforts with faith based groups, civil rights leaders, union leaders, and other pro-worker organizations.

Refused to sign a no-strike agreement with the RTA during the Republican Convention, despite pressure from the RTA and several area politicians.

Working with the International and RTA to develop an apprenticeship program for people interested in becoming rail mechanics and in the line department.

Protected the 13(c) rights of Booth Attendants in 2009.

Negotiated the heavy rail rehab project.

Obtained the return of 4/10 runs.

Organized multiple rallies for transit funding, for a fair contract in 2009, and for restroom access, working busses, and a fair contract in 2014.

Reinstituted the Local 268 Picnics, which continue to grow each year at no cost to the members.

2013, 2010, and 2007 Delegate to ATU Convention.

Member of the 2010 International ATU Laws Committee.

Member of the 2013 International ATU Structural Exploration Committee.

Served as a member of the International ATU Black Caucus and the Ohio ATU Conference.


phone:    216-299-1186

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As the heading of this website indicates, this is not the official website of ATU Local 268 or endorsed by Local 268, but rather the website of William H. Nix, candidate for President of ATU Local 268.  It would be unlawful for our Local or International to endorse any candidate, just as it would be unlawful for any union officer to campaign on union time.


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December 5, 2017