William H. Nix is a twenty-eight year member of ATU Local 268, having worked as a dispatcher and operator. He is a former two-term President of ATU Local 268, a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College, and a volunteer with the NAACP. William is dedicated, persistent, outspoken, honest, and seeking your support to become the next President of your local union - to bring your union back to you.

2017 ATU Officer Elections


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Our local union officer elections are approaching with the nomination meeting in November 2017 and the election in December.  I have announced that I am a candidate for the position of President because we need to bring our Union back to serving the members.


I promise accountability and strong representation.  That means there are both times to work with the RTA and times to stand up to the RTA.  We should work together to address funding of public transportation and to obtain greater protections of our members from assaults and other risks.  On the other hand, we should not beg for whatever medical benefits and pay the RTA wants to give us.  Instead should stand strong together for our mutual financial and personal security.


When I left office at the end of 2014, the RTA was seeking changes to our healthcare including deductibles.  My team stood strong; however, our current leadership came into office and nine months later accepted the changes we had been rejecting.  Many of them did not even participate in the RTA's healthcare.  This is an important difference between the current "Dream Team" and having a strong team.  It is time to bring back a strong team that works to get the RTA to agree to the Union proposals rather than working to get the members to agree to the RTA proposals.


Just as important is the need for a return to leadership that is responsive to the members.  Absent union leaders, holding second jobs, cannot be proactive or respond to us as we elected them to do.  As President, I ensured every member had my cellphone number, which I answered 24/7.  I came to the garages to talk with our members to find out what I could do to help them.  No members were ever left without union representation at grievance meetings and our successes at arbitrations were plentiful.


Today we are at a critical point.  There is the potential for funding cuts to the RTA.  The same Dream Team that accepted the RTA's new medical plan and chose not to grieve the RTA's refusal to pay the full raises we voted on, entered into negotiations without having meetings with the members to get our feedback about proposals for the contract that expired July 31, 2017.   They did not to protect our 13(c) right to arbitration.  They have not provided us with updates about the progress of the negotiations.


While there can be no guarantees about the results of negotiations, I can promise a few things.  I will work with the RTA to address the need to secure funding, but I will not work with the RTA to cut your pay, your medical, or your jobs.  I will provide updates about every negotiation session, just I did before.  I will secure the support of the community that relies upon our services, our International, other unions, the media, and our political representatives.  At the same time, you - the people who keep the RTA running on a daily basis - will be my sole priority whether at the bargaining table or grievance hearing.


    Fraternally yours,

    William H. Nix, Sr.


email:     williamatu268@yahoo.com

phone:    216-299-1186


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As the heading of this website indicates, this is not the official website of ATU Local 268 or endorsed by Local 268, but rather the website of William H. Nix, candidate for President of ATU Local 268.  It would be unlawful for our Local or International to endorse any candidate, just as it would be unlawful for any union officer to campaign on union time.


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Officer Elections




December 5, 2017